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Executive Management Program in Business

The Executive Management Program in Business looks to prepare students in current business practices. Covering a wide range of key concepts critical to success in the global marketplace, students will examine issues of globalization, cultural differences, theories of international trade and investment, monetary systems and foreign exchange strategies. The application and development of personnel policy for success in international business transactions will be discussed, focusing specifically on organizational socialization, teamwork, group dynamics, problem-solving, and ethical considerations. While exploring the role of sales promotion in an executive marketing environment, these courses will provide a quick sketch of the considerations and elements necessary to launch a successful product line in an international context and in international financial markets. Highlighting the importance of real estate brokerage and investments, the nature of classification of real property, fundamental theories or urban growth, land utilization, and property valuation will be addressed.

Topics include:

  • Marketing
  • The Global Business Environment
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership & Organizational Development
  • Sales Strategies
  • Financial Considerations
  • Real Estate Practices

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Wine Professional Program

The Wine Professional Program allows participants to go “behind the scenes” of the wine industry to better understand the business of wine. The course is intended for retail store managers, sommeliers, wine professionals, wholesalers, and operators of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Hear what experts have to say about trends, new products, emerging strategies, and the latest fads impacting both retail and commercial operations. Understand the range of market segments that impact sales from ‘two buck chuck’ to luxury wines and explore techniques to expand revenues in your business. The Wine Professional Program is designed to prepare participants for success in a wide range of wine-related occupations. The course includes site visits to restaurants, wineries, and commercial production facilities.

Topics include:

  • Major and Minor Wine Regions
  • Wine Production
  • The Selection and Evaluation of Wine – Retail Sales
  • Careers in Wines
  • Wholesaling Wines to Restaurants, Hotels and Clubs
  • Wine Tasting for Increased Sales
  • Advanced Wine Selection

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Hotel Executive Management Program

The Hotel Executive Management Program is designed to enhance the expertise of participants in the field of hotel operations. The program offers technical and professional instruction not only on the day-to-day management of lodging operations, but on the strategic management and future trends of hotels as well.

Topics include:

  • Developing Tourism Markets
  • Hotel/Resort Sales, Advertising and Public Relations
  • Hotel/Resort Operations
  • Yield/Project Management
  • Operational Strategies for Success
  • Hotel Finance

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Restaurant Executive Management Program

The Restaurant Executive Management Program provides students a combination of operational course work linked with business and hospitality management courses designed to (1) facilitate an understanding of the economic, legal, and social forces which shape the restaurant industry and (2) to provide a practical base of restaurant trends, knowledge and abilities. Course work emphasizes human relations skills as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis. Leadership, ethics, technology, critical thinking, unique characteristics of service and guest encounter skills are threaded throughout the curriculum.

Topics include:

  • Globalizing Restaurant Cuisine
  • New Restaurant Product Development
  • Inserting World Cuisine in Menus
  • Strategies for Marketing
  • Multi-Unit Restaurant Management

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Language and Global Leadership English Program – Summer/Winter Camp

The Language and Global Leadership English Program is designed to combine the best in English language development with lessons in leadership development and American culture. In the classroom students are asked to listen and speak only in English. With the help of instructors and student teaching assistants, students will gain fluency and confidence through participating in activities such as games, role-plays, and presentations of a guided research project. In keeping with program goals and objectives native English-speaking Cal Poly Pomona student assistants are hired to serve as facilitators and conversation partners in the classroom.

Program Features:

  • Global Leadership Seminar with Guest Speakers
  • American Culture Seminar with Guest Speakers
  • English Language Instruction
  • Native-speaking Language Assistants, Three or Four Per Class Depending Upon Number of Students in the Classroom
  • All Instructional Materials Are Furnished
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Guided Campus Tours
  • Small Group Conversation Practice
  • Presentation of Guided Research Project
  • Optional Weekend Trip to Grand Canyon/Las Vegas or San Francisco/Yosemite, Operated Independently by Local Travel Agencies and at Participants’ Own Expense

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English Teacher Training Program

The English Teacher Training Program is designed for Korean public primary and secondary school teachers. The program is sponsored by various Korean universities as commissioned by the provincial governments in Korea. Korean universities conduct two-thirds of the training program in Korea. One-third of the program is executed as an overseas program to be run by Cal Poly Pomona. Participating teachers learn English teaching methodologies, practice their teaching skills in English as well as improve their English language proficiency by completing overseas program, which runs usually two months.

Program Features:
Program in Korea -

  • Communicative Skills in English Focused on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Classroom and Presentation Skills in English
  • Multimedia-based Teaching Materials for English Teaching

Program at Cal Poly Pomona -

  • Effective Teaching Methodologies Outlined for Korean Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Teaching Theories and Methodologies Through Classroom Observation and Practicum
  • New Teaching Methods and Classroom Management Skills
  • Enhancing English Proficiency
  • Peer Reviews
  • Cultural Understanding

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Hospitality Management Camp

The Hospitality Management Camp (HMC) is designed to focus on English as used in the hospitality management industry. Korea has become one of the leading industrial nations in the world and its role is becoming increasingly more important. As a result, a greater number of foreign travelers flock to Korean hotels and restaurants year after year. The HMC program is designed to help college students in hospitality management as well as those who are working for the industry in Korea.

Topics include:

  • Basic English and ESP (English Specific Purposes) for the Hospitality Industry
  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • Hotel/Resort Operation Management
  • Field Trips to Hotels/Restaurants

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Lecturing in English Program for Visiting Professors

Techniques of teaching in English have become an important medium throughout the world. The Lecturing in English Program for Visiting Professors program has been developed to assist those who want to teach and lecture students in English at their home institution. This program is a quarter long (11 weeks) in collaboration with the academic colleges on campus. Participants will be paired with Cal Poly Pomona faculty as mentors who will provide one-on-one assistance and coaching throughout the program.

Topics include:

  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Development
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • Test Preparation
  • Technology in the Classroom (Blackboard, Student Response Systems, etc.)

Additional Opportunities (if requested by 11 or more participants):

  • Supplemental English Language Classes
  • Conversation Club
  • Field Visits

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Summer Golf Camp - English Language and Golf Program

Golf is a steadily growing industry the world over. Because of its popularity it is more important than ever to be able to communicate in English. The Summer Golf Camp - English Language and Golf Program is designed for amateur and professional golfers who wish to increase their English language skills and perhaps improve their golf skills too.

Program Features:

  • Basic English
  • English with Emphasis on the Golf Industry (or English Specific Purposes)
  • Guided Golf Tours (Optional)
  • Golf Lessons and Practices

Additional Opportunities:

  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Law

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More information

For information on these programs, contact Chuck Cheeyook Park at 909.869.2247 or via email.

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