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Construction Business Management Certificate
Construction Business Management Certificate

Opportunities exist for professionals in the construction industry. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge in the construction business or to gain an understanding of the finer more intricate working of managing a construction operation, this certificate can be your comprehensive roadmap to succeeding in the construction industry.

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The Construction Business Management Certificate consists of the following six courses:
  • Basic Accounting Aspects of Construction
  • Labor & Employment Law and Managing Employee Relations
  • Legal Aspects of Construction
  • Advanced Accounting Aspects of Construction
  • Estimating Management
  • Project Administration and Management

Benefits / Objectives


This certificate builds and expands on the basic techniques of construction management and gives participants an in-depth look, helping them understand what it takes to manage, invest in or own a construction company.

Course Information & Registration

Project Administration and Management (Spring 2014)
Basic Accounting Aspects of Construction (Fall 2014)
Project Administration and Management (Spring 2015)
Estimating Management (Winter 2015)

Intended Audience


This certificate is designed for construction company managers and owners, commercial and residential construction professionals, and real estate and financial professionals.

Awarded Certificate

  A certificate in Construction Business Management will be awarded to those who successfully complete these six required courses.