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Supervisory Training Certificate
Supervisory Training Certificate

How effectively do you manage the performance and productivity of your team? Develop the critical skills needed to successfully delegate work, assess employee performance, and resolve employee conflicts as you create a team environment for your employees.



The Supervisory Training Certificate provides first time supervisors with the skills and competencies needed to effectively communicate and motivate their employees. Participants will also learn how to effectively delegate work to their employees, resolve workplace conflicts, and manage the performance of their direct reports.

Benefits / Objectives


All six courses of the Supervisory Training Certificate focus on skills and techniques that are often required by effective and efficient supervisors. Participants learn critical skills such as successful coaching, conflict resolution, effective delegation and more! By completing these six courses students will become better able to lead, motivate and supervise their employees.

The Time Management course, which also falls under Supervision, is also available. This course, however, is a stand-alone course and is not part of the certificate program. It is offered for those who want to learn to prioritize tasks and activities, eliminate wasted time and manage their personal and professional time more efficiently.

Course Information & Registration

Intended Audience


The Supervisory Training Certificate is designed for individuals with less than five years of experience in supervision or those who have not received prior formal supervisory training. It is also recommended for individuals who are interested in becoming a supervisor or manager.

Awarded Certificate


After successful completion of the program, participants will earn the Supervisory Training Certificate.

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