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Plastics Engineering Technology Certificate
Plastics Engineering Technology Certificate

Everyday, Americans come in contact with thousands of products made of plastic. Everything from milk containers to computers contains plastics. Understanding this complex industry is no easy task. As one of only a handful of programs of its type in Southern California, this program will provide you with an in-depth look at plastics engineering technology from a technical and non-technical aspect.



This three-course certificate program provides practical instruction applicable to materials, processing, product design and tooling. The main emphasis is on practical aspects of Plastics Engineering Technology without being extremely technical so that the knowledge achieved can be applied in day-to-day applications. The PowerPoint presentation used throughout this course is descriptive, practical and presented in simple, easy to understand language. It is widely illustrated with diagrams and photographs to assist students in understanding the sometimes-detailed subject matter.

Benefits / Objectives


The program is targeted for technical and non-technical audiences desiring to acquire basic knowledge, expand their horizon, enhance their career or simply to take a refresher course in Plastics Engineering Technology.

Course Information & Registration

Scientific Injection Molding (Fall 2014)
Plastics: Theory and Practice (Winter 2015)
Product Design and Tooling for Injection Molding (Spring 2015)
Product Design and Tooling for Injection Molding (Spring 2014)

Intended Audience


This program is designed for technical and non-technical audiences including Sales and Marketing personnel, Engineers, Product and Tool Designers, Purchasing Managers, Plant managers, Tool Makers, Molding Supervisors, Quality Assurance personnel.

Awarded Certificate

  To receive the certificate, participants must successfully complete three courses; however, the courses are open to all individuals desiring to enhance their knowledge in any one or more specific topics.


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