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Business & Administrative Development

In today’s business environment, education and experience are key elements needed to successfully climb the corporate ladder. We can help you keep pace by providing intensive, real-world training that you can take back to the office and implement immediately. Whether you are an HR professional, an administrative assistant, a mom looking to rejoin the workforce, or a soon-to-be retiree who wants to start their own consulting business, we have courses that will help you succeed.

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Highlighted Programs

Accounting: Internal Auditing Certificate - NEW!

Gain knowledge and experience with proven tools and techniques for performing an effective accounting audit.
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Leadership Academy

2008 marks the beginning of the Baby Boomer generation retiring. Because boomers make up a majority of our current workforce, a shortage of talent is expected within the next 10 years. With a large number of boomers currently holding senior executive level positions, upon their retirement, those leadership roles will become available; a trend that will greatly impact various industries.
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Human Resource Management Certificate
Image: Human Resource Management Certificate

Employing and retaining the right people within your organization will not only increase productivity, but will also increase your bottom line. Learn state-of-the-art methods and practices that will help you make the most of the rapidly changing field of personnel management and human resource development.

This certificate program covers such topics as:

  • Employee Recruitment, Selection and Placement
  • Human Resource Development and Training Techniques
  • Labor and Employee Relations
  • Organizational Behavior
    and more . . .

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Supervisory Training Certificate
Image: Supervisory Training Certificate

The certificate provides first time supervisors with the skills and competencies needed to effectively communicate and motivate their employees. All six courses focus on skills and techniques that might be required of an effective and efficient supervisor.
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